The pandemic did not slow down green transportation options for Sacramento-based UC Davis Health, which partnered with the UC Davis campus in May to launch an all-electric bus service — the Causeway Connection — linking the two sites, which are divided by 18 miles of highway. By switching from diesel to electric buses and offering expanded route timing, regional emissions and congestion on the I-80 Causeway will be reduced.

The Causeway Connection was made possible through a partnership with SacRT and Yolobus, regional transportation entities, which, together with UC Davis Health and the UC Davis campus, were awarded Electrify America funds to purchase 12 zero-emission buses. These new buses offer WiFi, USB charging ports at each seat and real-time tracking so riders can follow a bus along its route. When fully ramped up, the buses will make 52 trips daily between the UC Davis and UC Davis Health campuses.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, operators of the Causeway Connection have been diligent about keeping their fleet clean and sanitized for all riders and bus operators, and urged riders to follow scientific guidelines to protect themselves against infection of the coronavirus.
This milestone is yet another example of UC Davis Health’s commitment to sustainability, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, and the Green Commuter program, which includes carpooling, vanpooling, biking and walking.