UC Davis Health is committed to advancing sustainability as a pillar of the Sacramento community. This commitment is reflected in numerous awards and honors.

In 2020, UC Davis Health achieved multiple distinctions for sustainability — it was honored with multiple Practice Greenhealth awards for environmental excellence, recognized as One of America’s Best Employers for Diversity and earned the Best Workplaces for Commuters National Standard of Excellence.

Other awards included the James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch Leader designation. UC Davis Health is for the second year in a row the only hospital in the nation to achieve this recognition, due to continual increases in the procurement of local and sustainable fish. Also, UC Davis Health was named to the Good Food 100 restaurants list, which aims to measure how restaurants contribute to their local economies and are building better food systems. 

On another front, UC Davis Health exceeded its fiscal year 2020 goal of reducing red bag waste by 2% (or 26,000 pounds) by achieving a 14% reduction (or 182,000 pounds). 

In the past year, UC Davis Health completed several projects that will reduce its water use by more than 2 million gallons a year. These projects included converting toilets to dual-flush, converting faucets to low-flow, replacing a once-through cooling medical air system and improving the efficiency of the campus’s cogeneration plant. 

Last fall, UC Davis Health, in partnership with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, hosted a successful California Clean Air Day, which offered an all-electric ride-and-drive event with the goal of reducing local ground-level ozone air pollution caused by car and truck emissions. And, after two years of planning and preparation, this year the health system unveiled an all-electric, zero-emission bus service connecting the Davis and Sacramento campuses. 


Woman in mask boards a Causeway Connection bus at UC Davis Health

The Causeway Connection: An All-Electric Bus Service

The pandemic did not slow down green transportation options for Sacramento-based UC Davis Health, which partnered with the UC Davis campus in May to launch an all-electric bus service — the Causeway Connection — linking the two sites, which are divided by 18 miles of highway. By switching from diesel to electric buses and offering expanded route […]


Line graph depicting energy use intensity (EUI) between 2016 and 2019, split into two categories: EUI Target and EUI Actual. EUI Actual has consistently remained below the EUI target goal.

EUI (kBtu/Sqft)

UC Davis Health continued to make strides in its efforts to use alternative transportation methods and support the use of electric vehicles in 2020.

Riding a bike icon

of UCD Health employees are utilizing alternative commuting methods

Electric vehicle charing station icon

EV charging stations at this location for 2019-2020

Electric vehicle with charger icon

of light-duty vehicles acquired in 2020 were electric (zero-emission) and hybrid vehicles


Stacked bar graph depicting average water usage for FY 2019-2020, which has been reduced by from the 2005-2008 baseline by more than 20%.

Gallons per capita


Line graph depicting total waste diverted between 2011 and 2020, split into Diversion rate (no C&D) – Calculated and Calculated Diversion rate (MSW+C&D). Diversion rates in 2019 were 29% and 31% respectively. 

Salad bar zoomed in on bowl of spinach image

total spend on food and beverages


of food and beverage purchases met sustainability criteria in fiscal year 2019-20

UC Davis Health continues to set ambitious goals, with a goal for 2030 of 30% spend on sustainable food and beverages.


UC Davis Health was the proud recipient of a Practice Greenhealth Emerald Award in 2020.

A full list of awards is here.

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