UC Riverside researchers from a variety of disciplines — including medicine, the environment and politics — have continued their focus on these issues at the Salton Sea, the inland body of water straddling Riverside and Imperial counties.

Salton Sea Restoration Efforts Could Fail Without Science

There are finally efforts underway to improve the environmental health disaster that is the Salton Sea, California’s largest and most polluted lake. However, a group of UC Riverside scientists, engineers, medical experts and economists has published a new report warning that these efforts may not succeed.

Childhood Asthma and the Salton Sea

Residents of the eastern Coachella Valley show an increased incidence of pulmonary disease compared to the general population; it has been estimated that while the incidence of childhood asthma in California is roughly 8%, in the region surrounding the Salton Sea it has been estimated to be upwards of 20%, with significant economic and social impacts in the community. Much of this effect has been attributed to exposure to the high concentration of aerosolized particulates.

Salton Sea Aerosol Exposure Triggers Unique and Mysterious Pulmonary Response

Communities surrounding the Salton Sea show high rates of asthma due, possibly, to high aerosol dust levels resulting from the sea shrinking over time. Scientists suspect, however, the Salton Sea plays an additional role in pulmonary health.

Exposing the Desert

A geographic exploration into the Salton Sea, Exposing the Desert (Part 1 and Part 2), also illustrates the link between environmental exposures and health.