More and more, devastating fires, increasing power outages and unpredictable natural disasters are having impacts on the UC community, often with disproportionate impacts on marginalized groups. As part of a systemwide climate resilience initiative, UC Irvine Health embarked on a project that engaged internal and external stakeholders to come together and develop a collective vision for climate resiliency planning and address the needs of the most vulnerable during catastrophic events. A core team was created to plan and facilitate a climate resiliency planning workshop series that focuses on justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. Workshop participants included medical center leadership and a broad and diverse range of campus and local community stakeholders. Stakeholders had the opportunity to voice community needs and assets to inform the planning of climate resilience and equity-building actions at the medical center. The objectives for the workshops were to identify those in the Irvine community most impacted by climate change, build relationships toward a collective vision of resilience and explore opportunities for community partnerships going forward.