Berkeley Lab is committed to helping train the next generation of scientists and engineers, and builds strong partnerships with community-based organizations like the Rising Sun Center for Opportunity to accomplish that goal. Rising Sun, a nonprofit organization based in Oakland, provides job training and employment programs for youths and adults in the Bay Area and San Joaquin County that support individual and community resilience, combat climate change and build economic equity. It also engages in policy and advocacy work with a focus on integrating workforce development and economic justice into climate solutions so that a just and sustainable future is possible for all people and the planet. 

The Lab supports and engages with Rising Sun’s youth program participants through career panels, which help demystify STEM career pathways; educational design challenges, which cover sustainability topics such as energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality and the application of LEED building certification requirements; and opportunities to work directly with Lab scientists to advance research. Additionally, the Lab supports Rising Sun’s programs and mission through philanthropic donations. 

As a member of the Lab’s Community Advisory Group, Rising Sun’s president and CEO has helped identify opportunities for the Lab and its many local stakeholders to collaborate in support of a vibrant and diverse East Bay community, and has also served as a strong third-party advocate, weighing in on issues important to the Lab at the state and federal level. 

The Lab is excited to continue deepening this impactful partnership in the years ahead.