Energy Use Intensity

A line graph depicts energy use intensity over time. The energy use intensity at UC Irvine Health in 2021 of 201.64 British thermal units used per square foot was above the annual target of 194.09.

EUI (kBtu/Sqft)

UC Irvine Health saw a decrease in its EUI in 2021, however the reduction was only down 1.53% from the average annual reduction, falling short of meeting the annual 2% reduction goal.



of food and beverage purchases met sustainability criteria ($662K)


of food and beverage purchases were plant-based ($611K)

UCI Health procured over $4 million of food and beverage products in fiscal year 2021–22; 16% ($622,000) of spend was from sustainable sources and 15% ($611,000) was on plant-based products.


Riding a bike icon

of employees are utilizing alternative commuting methods

Electric vehicle charging station icon

EV charging ports

Electric vehicle with charger icon

of light-duty vehicles acquired in fiscal year 2021–22 were electric (zero-emission) or hybrid vehicles


A bar graph depicts water use. UC Irvine Health used 377 gallons per capita in 2022, a 42% reduction from baseline.

Gallons per capita

*Based on a 3-year average of fiscal years 2005-08.

UCI Health continues to implement water efficiency measures and has reduced usage 42% from the policy-established baseline. Although the overall consumption increased slightly from 2021, the per capita water use remained below the 2025 reduction goal (36%).


A stacked bar graph depicts waste generated over time. UC Irvine Health generated the following waste in pounds per person per day in 2022, using adjusted patient days: 11.90 municipal solid waste, 10.89 recycling, 0.04 compost, 2.91 regulated medical waste, 0.40 hazardous and universal waste, and 0.59 pharmaceutical waste.


*Per capita figures are calculated using Adjusted Patient Day (APD)

**Data provided if not counted in other waste streams


UC Irvine Health was the proud recipient of many Practice Greenhealth Awards in 2022.

A full list of awards is featured on the UC Office of the President’s website.

Combined Data

Progress on the following policy areas for this Health System is reported by the campus location: